GBWhatsApp Pro APK v17.85 Download (Official) For Android 2024

gbwhatsapp pro

GB WhatsApp Pro

GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download Latest Version for Android Device. GB WhatsApp Pro by AlexMODs is an awesome WhatsApp Mod with Advanced Messaging.

People today completely rely on WhatsApp to meet their communications demands. They contend that WhatsApp is the world’s finest messaging app. They utilize WhatsApp to communicate with their loved ones by sending them voice, video, and image files. Users of WhatsApp are protected from end to end by security measures. Despite having all these capabilities, WhatsApp is still subject to several limitations. For example, it can only send 30 photos at once and does not enable users to retain their status. With the help of GB WhatsApp Pro APK, we can help WhatsApp users meet the aforementioned standards. With more features and customizability options, GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download is an improved version of the standard WhatsApp application. This modified app, which was separately created by a third party, has appealing features including the capacity to view confirmations, hide one’s online appearance, and display typing progress. It also allows for the operation of many WhatsApp accounts on a single device and facilitates the sharing of bigger files.Late

GB WhatsApp Pro APK

The most popular alternative to WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp Pro, was created on March 4, 2018, thanks to a Russian development team by the name of AlexMODs. Monthly upgrades that fix errors and add new features have been a regular part of the app’s development cycle. The app moniker was bestowed upon this modified version of WhatsApp since it outperformed the original GBWhatsApp. With its distinctive features that improve your instant messaging experience, this version of WhatsApp is one of the most complete MODs available. The normal WhatsApp Messenger app has a tonne of features, but this app is a modified version of the software that adds even more.

GBWhatsApp Pro

The option to download other people’s status updates, the ability to hide one’s online presence, an incorporated DND mode, a configurable font style, an endless number of themes, anti-revoke capability, and many more features are among them. This website offers full details about this app’s functionality as well as links for downloading the Android version. With over 500 million users as of 2023, this app has proven to be quite successful. This can be attributed mostly due to its excellent modification features. The developer deserves praise for producing an app that offers its users a wealth of advantages.

Comparison of GB WhatsApp Pro vs the original WhatsApp

You can notice the differences between GB WhatsApp Pro and Official WhatsApp below, which we will discuss in this section:

GB WhatsApp Pro


A cross-platform, free program called WhatsApp provides users with useful features including quick instant messaging. With a greater range of features and personalized service choices, GBWhatsApp Pro is an enhanced version of WhatsApp developed by an unidentified source.


The online version of the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and other authorized outlets all provide downloads for WhatsApp. Any third-party website can provide an APK version of the GBWhatsApp Pro application.


Up to 90 images and audio files of a maximum size of 100 MB can be shared at once by GBWhatsApp Pro users. There are restrictions on the kinds and quantity of files that can be exchanged simultaneously on the original WhatsApp.

Download status

On the GBWhatsApp Pro APK, users can also download a person’s status without needing a separate app. The status of someone else cannot, however, be downloaded by official WhatsApp users.


End-to-end encryption is available for WhatsApp users. WhatsApp is a place where users’ personal data is completely secure. However, because GB WhatsApp Pro is a third-party application, there is a slight security risk as it does not offer an end-to-end encryption mode.

FeaturesGBWhatsApp ProWhatsApp
DND Mode
Calls Disable
File Sending Limit1GB100MB
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Status Length255139
Auto Reply
Bulk Message
Hide Online Status
Custom Font
Security Lock
Icon Change

What Makes GBWhatsApp Pro APK Worth Downloading?

In comparison to the regular WhatsApp app, the GBWhatsApp Pro is more customizable and gives you greater control and responsibility over your account. This software addresses all of the concerns that you had with the earlier, simpler version. Compared to the current WhatsApp smartphone application, it offers many additional features, all of which are safe and convenient. The ability to download a person’s status, customize the chat box’s themes, and many more built-in capabilities are just a few of the options available. You may read a detailed explanation of each feature of this smartphone application in the section below. Check out some of the other top WhatsApp MODs, including YoWhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp.

gbwhatsapp pro

GB WhatsApp Pro Files Details:

App NameGB WhatsApp Pro
Size69 MB
Requires Android4.0 and up
Last Update1 Hour Ago

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Numerous advantages of the GBWhatsApp Pro include sharing your live location, scrutinizing your communications, auto-replying to messages, and many more. Personalized themes for private read receipts, multi-user capability, and app locks are some of its other unique features that are not seen on other platforms. In comparison to other social networking apps available on the market for Android users, this app offers you a lot more capability. It provides all of the benefits and quickly allows for two simultaneous users on the phone, but unlike other app clones, it has no storage or RAM-related drawbacks. The installation and usage of it are both simple for everyone.

New Features in the Most Recent Version

  • Malware cannot infect your smartphone since the GBWhatsApp Pro Apk is legit.
  • The software provides a variety of free themes made by its users.
  • This software has the ability to post videos along with your daily status updates, photographs, quotations, and videos.
  • The app’s movies, photos, and music files are bigger than typical WhatsApp files.
  • You may hide your online status with the program.
  • You are only permitted to share 10 images at once.
  • Emojis may be personalized in the app and made visible to all users. 
  • The only limit is your imagination! Now download it.
  • The menu and notification bar both provide an app icon-changing option.
GBWhatsApp Pro Download

Features of GBWhatsApp Pro APK

Options for Enhanced Privacy

In comparison to the original software, this one has more sophisticated privacy settings. The ability to display or hide your online status, blue and double ticks, and typing status is provided via these options. You have the opportunity to read and download the messages of others’ status updates with this app without their knowledge. 

Adaptable Themes

The GBWA Pro APK’s variety of themes constitutes one of its most notable characteristics. With these, there are no restrictions on how many times you may modify the design of the application you are developing. The developer continuously adds new themes to the collection of ones that are currently available. You may send as many messages as you like to any contact using the bulk message-sending function of the application’s interface. 

Privacy Status

You have the opportunity of perusing and downloading the messages of others’ status updates on this app without these individuals knowing. You’re able to surreptitiously check on their most recent developments with only one click. This program includes a DND mode by default. This function allows you to turn off the internet connection just for GB WhatsApp Pro Download if you wish to stop getting notifications from WhatsApp while using an additional application on your Android smartphone.

Implementation Lock

A Pattern, PIN, Password, or Fingerprint is required in order to view your messages while using the app lock function, which adds an extra degree of protection. By doing this, you can prevent anyone who has permission to use your mobile device from seeing your chats. The personal identification number (PIN) and password are able to be shown if necessary as you type them in.

Feature for Auto-Reply

When you’re in and are unable to reply to people you know right away, the auto-reply tool comes in useful. It makes it possible to send limitless large quantities of messages to any kind of chat or group, making it very helpful for company marketing. An anti-revoke communications function is part of GBWhatsApp Pro. This allows you to be sure that regardless of whether the sender removes the messages on their own machine, you may still access the messages.

More Restricted Media Sharing

This program allows you to transmit a maximum of ninety photos at once, in contrast to the default WhatsApp. You are capable of sending audio and video snippets that total 100 MB and 50 MB, respectively. The necessity to distribute photographs in the same condition they were taken arises frequently. The Document Option is not necessary with GBWhatsApp Pro since you may send photographs in their greatest possible quality.

Download status

Some of you may download videos as well as images from acquaintances’ submitted status updates using the app. You are free to preserve any status from your contact list thanks to this because there is no requirement for outside apps. A functionality to filter messages has been incorporated into the APK. Your communication process will be more simplified thanks to the possibility to clean chat and categorize your messages.

Sharing Of Files and Documents

There are certain restrictions on the sharing of files or documents in the basic WhatsApp version; however, with this smartphone application, this feature limit has been extended from the original WhatsApp. Sharing files with this app’s users is really simple, including documents, movies, photographs, and other types of media. 

Schedule for messages

You may schedule messages in the smartphone application so that you can send them at a later time. The information that will be scheduled, along with the text’s real content, time, and date, so that it may be delivered to the chosen contacts at the appointed time at your leisure or to the specified person. 

Status of Secrete Typing

In real WhatsApp, your or the other individual’s typing status will be shown next to the contact’s name. On this particular application, however, you may conceal the user’s typing activity by making a few minor settings adjustments. 

Backup Options

Simple mistakes can cause us to lose all of our valuable interactions. This app, however, can assist you in regaining access to all of your data. It makes no difference how much data there is in the document that you need to back up. Additionally, this wonderful tool may retrieve all of your deleted photos and movies.

Cover Up Your Stories

You may choose who can view your personal tales and keep them concealed from them. A few settings adjustments on the app are all that are necessary. The status and the narratives of those seeking to keep them a secret from you are also options you have. A notable feature is that the person won’t be aware that you can watch their narrative.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK

How to Download GB WhatsApp Pro APK?

You cannot download this app from the Play Store since it is a third-party application. Here is a quick way for you to download this application:

  • You may look for this app on your smartphone by using Chrome Browse.
  • Visit a reliable website to get the most recent version of this program.
  • The best place to find modified WhatsApp versions is on our website. You must go there and locate the download link for the APK file for this application.
  • Click the link and wait for the response. The APK file for this application is being downloaded to your smartphone.

How to Set Up GB WhatsApp Pro APK?

The following is a highly efficient way for installing an APK file on an Android smartphone:

  • To allow the installation of an APK file, find the unknown sources setting and enable it.
  • Locate the APK file for this app in the downloads folder on your smartphone, then tap it.
  • When presented with the choice to install or cancel, you must select install.
  • You will quickly get this app installed on your smartphone after choosing the install option.


Absolutely, it is safe. You may get it by clicking the link on this page, so don’t worry.

No, there are no intrusive adverts on it. With this APK, you won’t see any ads.

No, you do not need to register to use this app; it is free to use.

Since it is a third-party program, you cannot use this one on an iPhone.

Final Words

With its cutting-edge capabilities, Download GB WhatsApp Pro ensures your privacy is upheld while providing an enhanced instant messaging experience. We believe that using this website will help you in your research on gbWhatsApp Pro. With this app, it’s time to enter a new age of improved WhatsApp functionality. To receive the most recent version of the APK, go to the page where it is available by clicking the download link on this website. To get the app operating on your smartphone and enjoy a wide range of distinctive themes without spending any money, follow the preceding instructions after downloading. Your final decision will depend on whether you go for the traditional WhatsApp or the cutting-edge GBWhatsApp pro.